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Laser pointer shined on photographic film?

  1. Feb 2, 2012 #1
    What would happen if I bought highly sensitive photographic film such as ASA 800 and shined a laser pointer on it? When I get it developed will the photons that the laser emitted show up on the film?
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    Certainly - why wouldn't they?
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    It would expose any ISO of film, sensitive or no.

    It's light!
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    I guess early orthochromatic films would not get exposed by red lasers.
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    Because I'm talking about just standard film you would put in an old throw away camera. I didn't think that kind of film was that sensitive.
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    Far too sensitive, I should say. You would be better to use cheapo black and white printing paper which is much less sensitive and you will get a much less 'blurred' result. You can then expose and develop one sheet at a time (under a safe lamp, too - so you can see how you're doing) until you get a pleasing result. Sign your name with it.
    Photo graphy = writing with light
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    :confusion: Why do you think the film would have to be particularly sensitive to be exposed by laser light? Lasers tend to be very bright, as evidenced by the fact that even the smallest of them can temporarily blind you if flashed at your eyes for a moment, and less small ones can cause permanent eye damage.
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    Are you color blind, by any chance? I've got no idea how a red laser pointer might appear to someone without functioning red cones (protanopia), but this is the only thing I can think of that would lead to such a question.

    Even relatively insensitive films have to be handled under dim (usually red) light and kept in complete darkness when not being worked with. Laser pointers are bright, that's why they're used to point things out. You should be wondering what the effects of such massive overexposure might be, not whether the film is sensitive enough.
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