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Homework Help: Latent heat of fusion for Silver

  1. Sep 7, 2009 #1
    1. Calculate the minimum amount of NRG, in joules required to completely melt 130g of silver initially at 15 degrees Celsius.

    2. ??? Q = mC (Tf-Ti) + mHf??? saw it online somewhere, not sure what the proper formula for this problem is, and if it is done does everything need to be converted to kelvins and kg's??Why or why not?
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    That is absolutely right you only have to find the temperature at which silver melts and its C (specific heat) and Hf (fussion heat). With respect to units you use it depends on what you prefere but usually your choice depends on the units C and Hf are given in (remember they have to be the same system of units).

    Hope this helps any other issue just tell me.
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    Your formula is correct but you need to look up the latent heat of fusion for silver. Depending on the units in which it is given, you may have to do some conversions. Since a temperature difference is the same in Kelvin as in Celsius, you do not need to convert that.
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    thanks a bunch!
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