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Latest 2 significant world quakes

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    the latest 2 events recorded by my system

    161124-25  UT M7.0 offshr Nicaragua 6.6 Tajikistan zhi.gif

    The top event is the M 7.0 offshore Nicaragua / El Salvador

    M 7.0 - 149km SSW of Puerto El Triunfo, El Salvador
    Time 2016-11-24 18:43:48 (UTC)
    Location 11.960°N 88.836°W
    Depth 10.3 km

    the lower event is a M 6.6 from Tajikistan

    M 6.6 - 49km ENE of Karakul, Tajikistan
    Time 2016-11-25 14:24:29 (UTC)
    Location 39.238°N 74.047°E
    Depth 12.6 km

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    Dave, do you have a link to your equipment setup? What does it take to do something like this?
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    Hey mate

    yes indeed

    It goes through the gear I use the various types of seismometers etc with a block diagram of the setup
    There is also a section at the bottom of the page showing the setup I had in New Zealand prior to moving to Australia

    You will see I make reference to Larry Cochrane's equip I bought. Larry is in Redwood City, Calif. a bit south of San Francisco
    He is a genius at hardware and software development. I have been using his A to D system and software since he developed it in the early - mid 1990's
    It has undergone many improvements since those early days. Have a look here for gear he has for sale .....


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