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Length Contraction Documentary

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    I need help with length contraction.
    I need videos that explains or proves that length contraction is possible even if it is just the visual interpretation of an observer.
    pls help.
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    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6328514962912264988# [Broken] video was recently posted in another thread. I have only seen a few seconds, but it appears to be what you need. There's some stuff about Lorentz contraction in it. Note that it's part of a series of videos. You might want to check out the others too.
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    George Jones

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    Fredrik has helped with this.
    For an explanation of what an observer actually sees (a Terrell-Penrose rotation), read


    For images of what an observer sees, click on the two links given by A.T. in post #3 in the same thread.
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    wow, thank you, who is Fredrik? could you please post the link here?
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    See post #2 in this thread. The very first word is a link. :smile:
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    thank you everyone,

    not being so demanding, could you please post more links here, i need them badly.

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    I'm not trying to discourage anyone from posting more links to videos, but I don't think more of the same is what you need. You should probably just watch a video or two in that series and then ask questions here about specific details that you found hard to understand.
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    but, i'm actually looking for videos that i could use for the documentary that i will be making,
    it will serve like a proof for the occurrence of length contraction.
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    i have seen these but i think it's not that related to length contraction, the video is about time dilation.

    another familiar video, it's about simultaneity, and has almost no connection to length contraction,

    this video is really a great help, it explains the connection between time dilation and length contraction. It's about the way they measure the length, right? if your clock ticks more slowly than that of the stationary observer, then, at a constant relativistic velocity, you cover a greater distance in a smaller period of time.

    this explains how the world will look like when you travel at a velocity near the speed of light, it doesn't actually explains how time dilation happens.

    Fredrik, thanks for these videos, but most of these are not the ones that i'm looking for, do you have a video wherein there is an interview of a physics professor or a lecture from a university?
    thank you in advance.
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  12. Feb 15, 2010 #11
    excuse me, i need more help.
    i dont know how to start the documentary.
    but i actually thought of something.

    i'll start with the introduction,
    then after that, i'll be explaining length contraction even more
    then, i'll show how the formula was derived
    then, show length contraction in different perspectives
    then, train paradox
    then, the possibility of length contraction.

    is this ok already?
    please reply right away.
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