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Letters of recommendation for undergraduate studies in Canada

  1. Dec 16, 2009 #1
    So here's the deal. For undergraduate studies, Canadian universities do not require a letter of recommendation to be sent, some have told me via e-mail explicitly they do not require them, and some even state on their websites not to send anything beside transcripts. Do you think it could be beneficial if I were to include such a letter of recommendatio anyway? Or would this be looked upon negatively, since I would be sending something they have not asked for?
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    I really don't think you'll need it if its not required. I don't think it will be harmful, but its likely that they won't even look at it.
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    To my knowledge, unless you're applying to a very small and specific program that explicitly requires one, then it's not used for admissions. Undergraduate admissions, are for the most part, an algorithm. Transcript marks are entered. If you meet the minimum requirements you're in. If space is limited (as is often the case) the applicant pool is ranked and admissions are offered based on ranking.

    Good letters of reference will come in handy for scholarship applications though.
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    The poor people admitting have to wade through hundreds or thousands of applications, though I'm sure they wouldn't let it affect their decision, having an extra paper in there to deal with may just piss them off.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Well, if nothing else, it suggests difficulty with following directions. Is that the message you want to convey?
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    A good letter of recommendation will not be looked upon negatively, even if it's contrary to the rubric.
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    Yeah, this is what I fear might happen if I send one in. I guess in the end I have decided not to send a letter of recommendation, as - frankly - I don't think it would be THAT good so as to REALLY justify why I enclosed it with the other material.
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