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Letters of Recommendation Waiver

  1. Dec 3, 2006 #1
    Just a quick question. I'm passing out college recommendations right now and it asked me whether or not I want to waive my right to see the recommendations. My friends swears that not waiving your right can actually hurt you becuase they will think the teachers aren't being honest. Is this true.
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    I would think the opposite, if you don't waive your right to see them, then when the admissions looks at them, they don't know if the glowing rec is because you really deserve it, or because the person who wrote it knew you could read it later so they didn't say anything bad.
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    oops, I forgot to put "not" in the paragraph
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    I know all the theoritical ways in which it could hurt but does anyone know if it actually does. Because I want to see my recommendations if it doesn't seriously hurt me.
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    Standard advice is to waive your right. Confidential rec is weighted more heavily.
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