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LHC first beam (end of world) time announced

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    "Geneva, 7 August 2008. CERN1 has today announced that the first attempt to circulate a beam in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will be made on 10 September."

    http://press.web.cern.ch/press/PressReleases/Releases2008/PR06.08E.html [Broken]
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    That's cool. About time too.

    So by putting "(end of world)" are you feeding into some people's idiotic belief's or stating your own?
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    I'm pretty sure he was joking.
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    Er.. that isn't really the end of the world. That Sept. 10 date is first proton beam circulating in the LHC, not the first collision. I was told it will be counterclockwise (looking from the top). They then will switch and get the proton beam to go the other way (cw), and then they'll switch it back to see if that will work again like the first time. During this test, they will use a very small fraction of the protons that will eventually be used, because they know they'll get the magnet setting not quite right and the protons will hit the walls of the vacuum beam line. You don't want to incur proton damage right away by flooding it with the full proton density per bunch.

    In other words, the end of the world will come later, probably in early October, thank you. :)

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    Man, I was hoping the end of the world was going to happen before school starts again. :(
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