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Li+ battery charger chip without buck

  1. Jul 8, 2010 #1
    I want to design a 4 cell (16.8V) lithium ion battery charger. The normal chips available have built in buck (reall buck or synchronous buck) or at least control circuitry for buck with external mosfets. This is necessary as wall adapter/source input voltage are higher and unregulated.
    what I want to say is if I already have regulated 16.8V then I only need a chip that can do charge management and does not include buck circiutry or its control (may be I would need slightly higher input voltage say 17.2V with some milivolts drop on the mosfet, that will be used to control the output current and voltage in current source and voltage source mode etc and control via that chip).

    Any idea which chip in the market is available for my solution and does not have that buck circuitry.
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