Lift and Drag coefficient equation in terms of pressure

I have been trying to find lift and drag coefficients in terms of pressure. So far I have found multiple equations. Below is what I have found after multiple research on the web. I am using these equations in LabVIEW. My input is going to be upper and lower surface pressure and I have to find cl and cd from pressure values in LabVIEW. Here are the equations for cd and cl.

lift coefficient= integral [cp,l(x) - cp,u(x)]d(x/c)
drag coefficient = 0.5*integral[cp*cos(x)]dx

I am not sure if these equations are right or wrong. If they are wrong, can you please provide correct equations? I need these for my MS project. I have been out of school for almost 5 years now and I do not remember all the basics from my BS degree as I have not used my BS knowledge at all in last 5 years.

Thank you.
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Hint: lift is the closed loop integral of the pressure along the surface of the wing.

I'm quite shocked you're asking such a basic question at the masters level. This is quite literally an undergraduate lab course question.
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Crack open a book on aerodynamics. Wikipedia and the internet are no substitute for real learning.

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