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Lifter. Does it actually works in vaccum?

  1. May 5, 2008 #1
    I'm sorry if you guys discuss this already but I need some clarification. The more I find out about this topic the more puzzling it becomes. Straighten this out for me. Thx

    1) Does it actually works in vaccum? Many say yes and few say no.
    2) When Beifeld and Brown did the experiment, they did not use asymetrical capacitor (meaning they use symtrical) and it still experience a force. Is this true?
    3) If it not ion wind, what is?
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  3. May 5, 2008 #2
    1) No. See 3)
    2) I think asymmetry improves the effect but isn't necessary. I'm not sure, however.
    3) Ion wind
  4. May 6, 2008 #3
    you'll probably get some force in vacuum due to the ionization of copper at the anode, however it won't be much. Also if you notice most of the vacuum systems used in these experiments aren't very good, and as such the effect will still persist as ion wind an still be created.
  5. May 6, 2008 #4
    it's a sad result :(
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