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Light speed and uncertanty principle

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    Is it true that if time stood still it would violate the uncertanty principle. therefor if you traveled at the speed of light time stands still and you would violate the uncertainty principle. if this is true does that sugest that QFT sets a lower max speed that matter can travel at than what relativity does. or would it mean that there are different max speeds for different stuff.
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    None of that is true because:

    1. You can't travel at light speed.
    2. Time can't "stand still".
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    The short answer is "no".

    The longer answer is that there is no such thing as time standing still or you traveling at the speed of light, and therefore no way that physics can give you an answer to your question. It's like asking what the natural prey of elephants would be if elephants were carnivorous - you have to ask a science fiction writer not a biologist.
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