B Light what is it really ? past just another form of energy?

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Light is electric magnetic waves alternating. But are electric magnetic waves?, What are they composed of. electric and magnetic fields ? But what are they composed of ? is there any physical part of a wave to imagine. light is energy but is that the best description to what light is. We know heat is energy but we know thermal energy means atoms moving faster or slower. So what does light mean?

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The best models of light is in terms of an electromagnetic interaction mediated by photons ... there is no reason to suspect that photons are made of anything else but packets of energy and momentum. Electromagnetic waves that you are probably used to are an emergent phenomenon of many photons.

In the sense that thermal energy is random kinetic energy of particles, then light is potential energy.

What something is "really" depends on how you define "real" ... if you had found what something is "really", how would you tell?

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