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Lightning strikes - safe in car, but

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    Lightning strikes - safe in car, but....

    Hii 2 all,

    I am new here, and this is my first.

    We all know that when a lightning strikes one is very safe inside a car.

    Coming to my Q.
    Gauss law states, Charges Resides on the outside of a conductor. Fine.

    Applying the same to a car, a car acts like a Faraday cage allowing no charges to the inside from outside. Great.

    My car is NOT a perfect conductor. There are a lot of "UnConductory" things within my car. Now the lightning should be able to find its way inside.

    From a quick search in google... I came across one reason with no explaining to it.
    Reason being Wavelength !

    here is my source (part 3)" [Broken]

    Would be gr8 if someone cud explain why?
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    try wikipedia here
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