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Linear Algebra and Real Analysis 1?

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    Do you think it will be too much of a load to take Linear Algebra and Real Analysis in the same semester? Please note that this Linear Algebra course is not an intro course, it's an upper level mathematics course. Will it be similar to the intro to Linear Algebra course I'm taking now? Also, in your opinion which course is harder, Linear Algebra or Abstract Algebra?
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    its hard but not impossible. talk to other students at your school who have tried it.
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    Depends. What other courses are you taking in the semester? If you are doing 4 courses it is fine. 5 courses is probably still ok but you will have to work hard. Also, Real Analysis 1 should not use anything from linear algebra.

    The most important factors are: how difficult the instructors make the courses, and how hard you are willing to work.

    Personally, I found abstract algebra harder than linear algebra, because the latter has more physical intuition, or so it seems to me. However, abstract algebra was my least favourite area of maths as a student (analysis was my favourite). I guess it depends on the person, and how the courses are taught. There is no definite answer for which is harder.
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    Thanks, I plan on taking a Stats course as well as an intro to Computer Science course as well with it. It'll be 13 credit hourse
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    Its general consensus at my school that both abstract algebra and real analysis are harder than linear algebra, at least at the undergraduate level. Also, real analysis is considered by some as the hardest undergraduate course period(of course, this is very opinionated, but I have heard this from multiple math and physics majors who have taken grad level courses too). I wouldn't take either course lightly, but prepare to work very hard. I am taking real analysis next semester myself.
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    Well its going to be a full load. I always thought it was funny when people said to me "oh you are only taking 13 credit hours", but some people just don't realize that 4 math/physics/engineering courses is way more of a load then 5 sociology courses.
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    @nlsherrill: I know what you mean, it sure is
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    I am a first year graduate student taking both graduate-level Linear Algebra (Vector Spaces) and Mathematical Analysis. It is very difficult IMO but I find time to do it. I am in the very top of my class for Vector Spaces but the very bottom in Analysis. Go figure. I even devote about twice as much time to Analysis. I just can grasp Vector Spaces concepts easier for some reason.

    So I would suggest to give it a go, but know for sure that it will be quite a lot of work. But you will come out of it with a much deeper level of Mathematical Maturity.
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