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Linear Launch

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    So the folks at NASA are thinking about testing a linear launch system. It would uses linear induction motors like rollercoasters are using now.

    The trakc would be about 5 miles long and eventually curve up I sure. Once at the end the space vehicle will have gained enough momentum to get into space. I want to know, is this practical? I mean to get a craft into space would require tremendous velocities. The thing would be moving so fast I assume the wheels would burn off. It wouold almost definetly need to be maglev.

    Going at mach 28 would either take a very small aerodymanic vehicle or a big extremly stready track. Wonder how long the track would last.
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    I'm guessing you've misjudged the intentions of NASA. I seriously doubt they are comtemplating having something reach escape velocity.

    They might, however, be thinking of using it to get the vehicle a little bit above the earth and then using thrust. It would make sense that they would want to lessen the tremendous obstacle of getting it off the ground all at once.
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    Well that makes sense. Do you reckon a linear system could get vehicles into orbit?
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