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  1. M

    B Can objects in nature store light information on the quantum level?

    In the 1934 novel by John Taine, Before the Dawn, scientists are able to retrieve images of the past by accessing the light absorbed by stones throughout history. While this is fictional, 1934 was really before the dawn of quantum physics. In the far future, could we retrieve images from light...
  2. sinus

    I The kinetic energy of proton-electron for a black body

    I'm watching a video about " What is a black body?". That video said when the light interacts with the surface of a body, the electron and proton start oscillating. The electrons gain more transferred energy from the light that became its kinetic energy, rather than the proton because its mass...
  3. OliverFroelich

    A Iphone Reflection has a pattern

    Hi all! I'm sitting in the office on what would normally be a dive day so I'm slightly over observant. The sun is coming in heavy through my window, and holding my iPhone I began playing with the reflection on my office wall it produced. The reflection at first was no different then any light...
  4. Kyran

    B Why are things the color they are?

    I have not noticed anything in common between all things that are the same color. It must be something on the atomic level but if I look at the periodic table I see no pattern in how things behave and what their color is. So how can the sun be the same color as a highlighter and plastic the same...
  5. B

    How can I improve my pulse oximetry measurements?

    I wrote a program that uses your computer camera to monitor your Pulse Oximetry and get your heart rate. I got the program to work. I can see the heart beat in my graph. Anyhow, I set my timer interval to 0.0226757 ms which is 44100 hz. so I have a few questions, I was seeing a...
  6. B

    Light Transmission Measurements: What Else Can You Find?

    If you measure the light transmission over time of the human thumb you can get the heart rate. Is there another thing you can get by using light transmission ? like the Heart rate? can you find bacteria in water using light transmission ?is light transmission measurement even the right word ?
  7. danielhaish

    B Photon Energy Change: Speed of Light

    photos are in the speed of light which means that the fasts change in photons energy would take infinite time for the outside observer so does it means that the photons can't spin or interact with each other or have any kind of change
  8. madou0016

    Wood/Glass/Metal Can One-Way Glass Be Made With Projected Light?

    Hello, I'm wondering if you can inform me about that kind of light which be projected on a glass and it helps us to see it's reflection only for the viewer and not for anyone the other side . all proposals and methods are welcome. even if it is necessary for the light to pass on a chemical...
  9. Irfan Nafi

    Does Beer-Lambert's law calculate the absorbance of a solute

    I'm currently doing a project that involves beer-lambert's law and am confused as to what it actually calculates. So far, my intuition goes as follows: The molar extinction coefficient is for the solvent at a specific concentration and wavelength. In this case, it is blood. And if you have to...
  10. A

    I Does slowing light with a BEC change any of its properties?

    So I understand that scientists have been able to slow light to extremely low speeds using Bose-Einstein Condensates and even without them (https://physics.aps.org/story/v3/st37) and if I understand this correctly they slow light the same way water or air does; atoms absorb the photons and...
  11. P

    Liquid Scintillation Counter w/ fast neutron detectin isotop

    I'm trying to make a LSC with U-238 (non-aqueous form) dipped in the scintillating cocktail to detect fast neutrons (no thermals or epithermals, only fast) from a Cf-252 source. How do I calculate the wavelength emerging from the cocktail (assuming U-238 does not react with the cocktail)? Also...
  12. N

    Mysterious Misty Rings: Unraveling the 2D View

    The other morning it was misting. In the yard the nightlight glowed. Around it the pulsing AC was visible as it appeared to make small rings that moved outward directly, the observers(like an electron as it gets more excited for ex.) We also noticed that the image/rings appeared to be only two...
  13. N

    I In the absorption, and emission spectra, what happens to some

    My name is Nicholas Lee, and I am studying neuroscience, and I am trying to find a way to find better ways in neuroimaging, and microscopy to see the brain better, to find better cure for Parkinson's disease, and Alzheimer's, and epilepsy If you have a four inch cubic block of glass, and carbon...
  14. arthurmani

    Why is diffused light captured through V-shaped grooves?

    Hello, we routed V-shaped grooves in an acrylic panel using a CNC milling machine and placed the panel in front of my window, with no direct light hitting it. The pictures below show two cases, in the top picture, the grooves are facing the window and on the bottom one the grooves are facing...
  15. Eric Diaz

    Force exerted on the palm of your hand by a beam of light

    Compute the force exerted on the palm of you hand by the beam from a 1.0W flashlight. (a) if your hand absorbs the light, and (b) if the light reflects from your hand. What would the mass of the particle that exerts that same force in each case would be if you hold it at Earth's surface? On...
  16. praveena

    About atmosphere light absorbtion

    Hi pf, I am having a basic doubt.Even this may be a silly question.sorry for that.While in the morning due to sun's light we can able to see our atmosphere and also clouds.But at night even when we foccused a large amount of light towards the space. why can we able to see the atmosphere...
  17. Rodwen

    Light absorbtion and change in temperature of liquids

    Hi hi, Sorry if this is awful and boring. Basically what I want to work out is a way to differentiate two different liquids by touch (specifically, temperature) after shining a light on them. A thermometer cannot be used. The variables open here are the compositions of the liquid (I'm going...
  18. F

    What is the equation for light intensity decrease through glass?

    Any help here would be appreciated so much.. Is there an equation that links distance of glass traveled through to light intensity on the other side? Obviously, the light intensity will decrease as the light travels through greater amounts of glass, but is there an trend I am looking for...