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Little emotion of expectancy

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    would you all agree that most of our love and hatred stems from the little emotion of expectancy. i mean would we all really be fighting and loving, killing and giving birth if it werent for expectancy. would you get mad at someone if you didnt expect any particular outcome, would you love someone if you didnt expect and particular outcome, no you wouldnt.
    such a simple word and such a simple feeling produces a very complex paradox within our world. aaaah, expectancy, what would we do with out it.
    such a perfect world

    and is expectancy a word? :uhh:
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    No, I believe it is more correct to say that our love and hatred stems from our head being connected to our body. Without that would you really feel true love or hatred towards anyone? You would probably feel the blood trickling out your neck for about five seconds (the authorities say) before dying. Love or hatred would not enter into it.

    Reasoned action depends on some information as to the outcome of one's action. This information is associated with the feeling of expectancy, though the feeling need not always be present.

    Love and hatred, on the other hand, are not reasonable emotions. You do not love someone to get them to do things for you, and nor do you dispassionately decide to harm someone and reason from this that in order to harm them you should start hating them. Love and hatred are not governed by expectations.
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    wow, okaay, that was pointless

    so your saying that if i didnt expect my girlfriend to love me, and she cheated on me, then i wouldnt get mad or that if i expected her to love me and she cheated on me with my cousin, then my anger does not stem from the fact that i expected more out of her. i mean if i just assumed she was a ho and nothing more and expected no more than some good oral out of her, then i wouldnt get mad if she did something like bone my cousin. i dont understand what your trying to get at with reasoned action and not needing the feeling of expectancy.

    what in the world are you trying to say here. i can barely understand your grammar, let alone what message your trying to relay. i dont think its okay to say something like love and hate are not reasonable emotions. i mean, yes in some instances love and hate can blind people, but just because i love something, does not make my ability to apply reasoning to any situation dealing with the object i love any less. love and hate have subjective views, and saying that these are not reasoning emotions, especially saying it as if it were an absolute, is in my opinion, false.
    how are love and hate not governed by expectations. you wouldnt hate your dad if you didnt expect him to play a specific role in your life, and he didnt. you wouldnt hate carrots if you didnt at some point in time expect it to taste at least decent. whether its a conscious or subconscious expecation, i believe that most emotions are based off of our expectation of the place, person, food, object, etc.. you dont hate florida because you didnt expect it to be a nice place.
    i dont understand your reasoning in this case and i would like to read another argument from you, because i have no idea what your trying to tell me, and yes i can read quite well. :yuck:
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