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Live Concerts/Shows and Nightwish

  1. Feb 3, 2008 #1
    Hey all!

    recently i saw Nightwish live at the Enmore theatre in Sydney and i was totally blown away by how good it was! the band were amazing and the songs sounded brilliant, also the band was so close that u were able to shake hands with them and Emppu actually handed me a guitar pick :)

    tell me about the concerts u guys have been to and whether u think Anette is doing a good job as a replacement for tarja at Nightwish. also - ur fav Nightwish song? Mine would have to be Bye Bye Beautiful or Master Passion Greed atm. but there are just too many good ones

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    I do enjoy Nightwish. However, Tarja was Nightwish and I don't like their new album. My favorite song by far is "Ghost Love Score". No contest.
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    Ghost Love Score is fantastic :)
    did u go and see the Passion World Tour? Anette is spectacular on stage. I admire her so much taking up the role of stepping into such a large position and taking so much criticism

    But most of all i admire tuomas for re-styling the songs so that Anette fits in nicely and Marco can now take over more and more. I would rate Tuomas alongside Jon Schaffer as the best songwriters in history
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