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Load carrying behavior of shells

  1. Jan 29, 2008 #1
    Does anyone has some literature or any idea about this topic?More precisely i would like to know about the local and global effects due to neative and positive curvature.Thanks!
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    Can you be more specific? Have you looked at ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel code? Have you looked at Roark's? What kind of loading conditions are you looking at?
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    Do you mean bending behavior of shells under loads?? what approach are you looking for? finite element analysis?
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    I mean local and global effects of a single load for different types of shells.That is for shells with different Gaussian quadrature.The boundary conditions don't matter as in i set for example clamped bc's.I can see the local and global effects (displacement,stresses...) in ANSYS that I am working but i would like to have some literatureon this subject.Thanks and I hope I explained it better this time.
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    I spoke to some friends for a recommendation of a book, but they didn't give know. Anyway, when i'm looking for a book on an specific subject i usually just check in amazon and look for what it seems like genuine reviews. I looked your topic and i saw a FEA and Shells behaviour, maybe you should check that book. Good luck.
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    Thanks very much for the book!
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