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Logic behind definition of Reparametrization

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    What is the intuitive logic behind setting up the definition of reparametrization as being a bijective map and all that(the inverse map being smooth) and not alone that the reparametrisation must give us the same image curve.e.g if we see (t,t^2) as being describing the same curve as (t^3,t^6) but bijective map definition restricts(t^3,t^6) as being the reparametrisation even though physically it(t^3,t^6) describes that same curve??
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    Just to clarify your question, are you saying that (t3,t6) is not a reparametrization of (t,t2)? It seems like it is.
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    Yeah that's the thing it is not a reparametrisation of (t,t^2)...this is why i am asking ??
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