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Looking for a analog/digital terminal server with lots of inputs

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    I'm setting up a system to monitor lots of different sensors in a building (90+). lots of them are analog and lots of them are digital. It is going to a different system in each building(lots of buildings).

    I need to read in thermostats, HVAC unit monitoring, Generators, etc...

    I am looking for something similar to what I found here:
    http://www.perle.com/products/Ethernet-IO-Device-Server.shtml" [Broken]

    but it would be too expensive to buy thousands of these. THOUGHTS?

    The information can be sent via tcp/ip, rs232 or something similar
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    You can check out the module and network offerings here:


    They carry a number of network sensor solutions.

    [Full Disclosure] They carry some of the products that my company helps to design [/Full Disclosure]
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