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In computing, a server is a piece of computer hardware or software (computer program) that provides functionality for other programs or devices, called "clients". This architecture is called the client–server model. Servers can provide various functionalities, often called "services", such as sharing data or resources among multiple clients, or performing computation for a client. A single server can serve multiple clients, and a single client can use multiple servers. A client process may run on the same device or may connect over a network to a server on a different device. Typical servers are database servers, file servers, mail servers, print servers, web servers, game servers, and application servers.Client–server systems are today most frequently implemented by (and often identified with) the request–response model: a client sends a request to the server, which performs some action and sends a response back to the client, typically with a result or acknowledgment. Designating a computer as "server-class hardware" implies that it is specialized for running servers on it. This often implies that it is more powerful and reliable than standard personal computers, but alternatively, large computing clusters may be composed of many relatively simple, replaceable server components.

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  1. F

    Learning about Python application deployment - possible recommendations

    Hello, I want to learn about servers and deploying Python applications simply (without going to AWS, Azure, etc. but something a little more complicated than deploying my app to streamlit Cloud). I would like to get some recommendations given the multitude of options. My goal is to create a...
  2. F

    Python Socket library to create a server and client scripts

    Hello, I have been experimenting with the socket library in python creating small scripts, one called server.py and the other client.py, that can communicate with each other using a TCP protocol. The server script has an infinite loop that listens for request from the client.py script and...
  3. jack action

    Connecting extra IPs on a server

    I got a new server that I want to set up. It comes with 2 IPv4 and 1 IPv6. I'm new to these network settings and I have a hard time following what I need to do. My ISP gives me this info about my IPs (not the real ones): IP Address (main) Netmask/Bitmask
  4. kyphysics

    Computing for Dummies Q: What is difference between server and data center?

    I've been looking this up and don't seem to have a great understanding. Can someone confirm or correct that my understanding is accurate. Is a data center simply a large collection of individual servers? If not, how do they differ? Thanks.
  5. F

    What does it mean that MySQL is a server application?

    I would like to practice SQL and install MySQL, one of the most popular open source DMBS. MySQL workbench can also to be installed and used as a visual GUI to interact with MySQL which in turns interacts with the database. My question: is MySQL a server application? If so, what does it mean? I...
  6. Wrichik Basu

    Changing proxy server for WiFi in Amazon Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick

    One of my relatives has an Amazon Echo Dot and a Fire TV Stick. Both are connected to the same WiFi. Recently, their internet provider changed the proxy settings such that the default proxy no longer works. They have provided a set of proxies that can be used instead. We have manually set those...
  7. N

    JETP server seems to be down?

    Anyone else not able to access http://www.jetp.ac.ru/ anymore? It just seems to have vanished off the internet suddenly. For those who don't know, this is the website of the russian physics journal that has all the original papers from back in the day. Anyone know what is going on? I needed to...
  8. Arman777

    Can I Run My Code Online from a Distant Server Using Azure?

    I am trying to run a code from my computer but its qualities are kind of low. I am trying to run a heavy program and its taking about 40-50 min to solve it. Is there a some sort of a general program where I can upload some files and run the code online from a distant server ? Is there a such thing ?
  9. Wrichik Basu

    Mysqld command does not start the MySQL Server

    I just installed MySQL Server 8.0. The server is configured to run automatically at startup. However, when I wake up my laptop from hibernation or sleep, sometimes the server stops. I read on the net that I should execute mysqld from command line to start the server. I have set the folder of...
  10. Anon_Miner

    Where do I put this Server Room's air exhaust?

    Hey guys. I have a room which i want to use as a server room. the devices need to work 24/7 and they get pretty hot. so it is imperative to keep the room cool otherwise the devices will be damaged. I have an air vent to bring cold air into the room for the devices so their fans can suck in cold...
  11. StevieTNZ

    Troubleshooting a FTP Server Connection on Windows 10 - Hi Stevie!

    Hi there I'm trying to access a FTP server in Windows Explorer. Getting to it, by inputting a username and password, works in Firefox but I'm needing to copy and paste a folder from the server to my desktop. I get the following message when trying to access the server in Windows Explorer...
  12. B

    Help with ORTHANC DICOM server

    Hi there, I was hoping to set up an ORTHANC DICOM server on my work computer and I guess computer programming isn't my strength. I was just wondering if anyone has much experience with this and would be willing to field a couple of questions from me that would help me get this set up. In...
  13. W

    Any Experience with SQL Server Dev + Python& ML Server?

    Hi all, Curious if anyone has worked with SQL Server Dev 2017 with ML and Python Server, i.e., with the full data analysis platform and what your experiences are.
  14. user366312

    What is Static, Dynamic, Transient, and Persistent Local Resource in the discussion of Object Server and Middleware?

    What I understand is, I have written something like this myself. What is a Static Proxy and a Dynamic Proxy then? Also, What is a Transient Proxy and a Persistent Proxy?
  15. W

    Trouble Connecting to Default Instance in SQL Server 2017 (Win10)

    Hi All, Trying to do some querying in my (local) SQL Server. Thing is I am having trouble accessing my default instance, though no trouble accessing the one named instance I have. I have been to Stack Overflow , read up, posted a few things, then told to read again after it all failed. I get a...
  16. W

    Installing SQL Server Dev Config Manager (Snap in)

    Hi All, It seems SQL Server's Dev 2017 config manager does not come " built in" within , and it is now a snap in. When I try to install it through Control Panel, I get the error message: Cannot connect to WMI provider. You do not have permission or the server is unreachable...
  17. L

    (study skills) studying for Server+

    Hi, I need help with study methods for the CompTIA Server+ certification. Let's just say that I'm not very detail-oriented. I recently purchased the textbook from amazon.com for the comptia server+ SK0-004 certification exam. The exam is already scheduled. I bought a very outdated server+ course...
  18. W

    Amateur Dev Q: Creating Front End for SQL Server DB

    Hi All, I am kind of new to this, please be patient. I appreciate your input I have a SQL Server DB, I am trying to create a remote front end to give graphical, or at least simple access to the DB (Client-Server, of course). I would appreciate some suggestions. This is my way of breaking...
  19. W

    I installed SQL Server in Win10....Without Config Manager?

    [I cannot find my SQL Server Configuration Manager] Hi, I have installed both SQL Server Express 2017 and SQL Server Developer 2017 (Separately; not one as a Default or Otherwise Instance) , and they have both run without any major problem. Issue now is that I want to allow a remote connection...
  20. W

    Difference in order of execution and design in SQL Server.

    Hi, given Sql server executes queries order from, where, group by, having, select, order by. Why don't we write queries in same order? Would that improve speed of execution ?
  21. W

    Disabling Constraints in SQL server?

    Hi, I want to practice queries that require having repeated records. This is not allowed by default since it violates uniqueness constraint. Do I just use an alter table drop unique constraint for this?
  22. W

    Can't find my Localhost Database Engine for SQL Server

    Hi All, I had to reinstall my SQL Server and I a having trouble finding the database engine which is the local host. Please see screenshots. Any ideas? Thanks.
  23. B

    Pick a Server for App Design: 10K User Data Pulls

    I want to design an app and will use WCF to pull data from a server, but I need to know how to pick the server to use. I am hoping to have about 10K people ( many be more) using this app. and they will be pulling data from this server. NO video nor audio file, just data like school ...
  24. W

    Copying Databases between Different Versions of SQL Server

    Hi All, I am trying to move databases ( together with associated data objects) between an instance in SQL Server Express (2016) and an instance living in SQL Server Developer 2017. I know that, between instances of the same version I can : 1) Copy the script in one instance and run it in the...
  25. W

    Is Upgrading or Reinstalling Better for SQL Server Developer Now Free?

    Hope this is acceptable and the right place to post: SQL Server Developer now free: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/sql-server/sql-server-downloads Just thought some may be interested.
  26. J

    PHP What programming language is used to store Bank Acct's/money?

    is it PHP-MySQL? In websites accounts of users tend to be stored in servers, and on these servers they store the data in some syntax and use PHP, RUBY or something else to add/change the information. Is it the same in bank accounts? In what format is banking information stored?
  27. W

    Embarrassingly Simple SQL Server query: List Even numbers in....

    Hi, I am trying to find all the even numbers in [FieldName] in SQL Server. My query is : SELECT [FieldName] FROM Table WHERE [FieldName] % 2 =0 ; I only get an error message . ( I am using SQL Zoo, since I don't have SQL server available at the moment. Only message I get is that the query is...
  28. S

    How has SQL Server not gone the way of the dinosaur?

    I use SQL Server at my job and for my personal projects (only because I'm familiar with it). Nevertheless I am always amazed at how the language doesn't provide any simple ways of solving common problems. For example, let's say I have some data which represents rows I want to insert or update...
  29. mizieahmad

    Server and client on Raspberry Pi

    May I know how to make multiple client connected to a server in python language. I want to communicate one Raspberry Pi to other Raspberry Pi using the python. What I knew, it need to used function socket. i will explain my project. There are contain 5 clients and 1 server. A server will open...
  30. W

    Host My Own Webpage - Steps & Software Needed

    Hi all, How can I use my own PC as a server so that I can host my own webpage? Do I need some special software for this?
  31. iikii

    Computer Server Down Probability

    So the problem asks: A computer server runs smoothly for Exp(0.2) days and then takes Exp(0.5)days to fix. The server is running fine on Monday morning, t=0. Find the probability that the server was fixed at least once (i.e. at least one complete repair was done) in the next 7 days and the...
  32. L

    If there's any website that can upload my programming script

    Hi there, Apologize in advance if this is not the correct place to post my query. I've been googling didn't get it or maybe my input search parameter is not sufficient or irrelevant. I am recently doing my graduate in physics and my inclination towards computational physics makes me to do my...
  33. Pepper Mint

    [SQL Server] Object Definition

    Hello experts, I would like to learn the implementation of object_definition function in SQL server. I'd like the one with 2 parameters. Could you help me ? Thank you.
  34. Pepper Mint

    SQL Server OpenRowSet on Unknown Table

    SELECT c.object_id AS id, convert(smallint, c.column_id) AS number, s.colid, s.status, convert(varbinary(8000), s.text) AS ctext, convert(smallint, 2 + 4 * (s.status & 1)) AS texttype, convert(smallint, 0) AS language, s.text FROM...
  35. S

    Scp in terminal to copy something from my laptop to a server

    Hi I need to copy something from my laptop to a server. I tried using scp filename servername but it didn't work. I asked someone and he said I have to use -P but I don't know how. I tried several ways but all of them give port 22: Connection refused. What can I do? Thank you!
  36. E

    How to extract .mdf from .bak in SQL Server 2005

    I have a 6GB .bak file that, when check it in the file to use for restore, the file shows 'Incomplete'. I need to extract the .mdf part of the .bak file since I don't need the .log file. There should be some way to do this or some tool out there that will either repair the .bak file so it...
  37. Tone L

    SSH to Plymouth Univ Server: Access from Home

    Hi all, So there is a server at university called cyclone. I can access it simply from terminal by: ssh myusername@cyclone.plymouth.edu Now I live off campus is there any way to ssh into the server from my couch at my apartment, i live less than a mile away from campus? I heard things like...
  38. P

    Setting up a server for scientific computing

    Hello everyone, I have a cluster computing that I am going to be setting up for scientific computing. I have never done this before and I was wondering, on a server what kind of operating system would be approiate to place on the cluster? As in, would a desktop or server operating system be...
  39. Silicon Waffle

    Windows Server 12 R after DNS set up

    After I installed a fresh windows server 2012R, I could log in with administrator account, e.g MYWIN\Administrator (MYWIN is my computer name). Then I created a DNS/forest e.g ABC.com , I then could log in with ABC\Administrator. For some reason I now sign out and would want to log in with...
  40. mishima

    Apache Web Server, how it works?

    Hi, I have recently been using Apache for a web server. I would like to know more about how it works on a low level, what exactly it does. Perhaps a pseudocode, or minimal code version exists somewhere?
  41. RJLiberator

    How to Practice Unix? Can I make my own Server?

    Warning: My terminology is horrendous in this area. Bare with me. In my Geophysics class we are being taught the very basics of Unix using 'Putting" and a program called Xming. We sign on to a server hosted by the profressor at school using designated usernames and passwords and we use...
  42. S

    How Can DC Distribution Improve Power Efficiency in Server Farms?

    1 Internet server farms demand a massive amount of power. 2 The power grid can supply 3 phase. 3 To increasing demands for data throughput rate both transistor size and voltage levels have been ever shrinking. The server farm market wants efficient and reliable power conversion from 3 phase...
  43. G

    Optimizing UDP Multiclient Server for Efficient Content Streaming in C

    Hi all I'm trying to create a server that uses UDP and is capable of handling multiple clients. The server should 'stream' content to the clients only on the initial request (i.e. when starting the client). The general idea is to test how many clients is the server able to 'serve' before the...
  44. adjacent

    Offline Server Software for Making Changes & Uploading | MySQL Supported

    I have a website but it's very difficult to make changes online because you can't change what you did.So I just want to make required changes offline and later upload it.So is there any good offline server software? I also want Mysql I tried Mr.Google but couldn't find anything helpful
  45. O

    Alternatives to Google Calendar for Lighttpd Server

    I posted this at stackexchange but they deleted it because "don't ask for application recommendations" ?! I use google calendar, but I don't like google. What are some good calendar apps I could run on my lighttpd webserver? Thanks
  46. I

    Fixing Google Server Problem: Send File Without Executable

    I have a little problem with Google server to which I send my friends my zipped file of morphological analysis. When I press send button I always have a return message that my file is included with a executable and I can't send it. Thank you.
  47. Ackbach

    MHB Online Sage Commands at the Sage Cell Server

    The problem with WolframAlpha is several-fold: 1. You can't enter multiple commands. 2. Without paying for WolframAlpha Pro, you can't save generated graphs to your hard drive as files which you can then insert into other documents, such as a $\LaTeX$ document. 3. I've noticed WolframAlpha...
  48. tfr000

    NASA NASA editing their Technical Reports Server

    Ok, this is slightly creepy. A few years ago, I did a little project, for fun - modeling the launch of a Saturn V into orbit in MS Excel. I got all of the info I needed for the Saturn V parameters from the Nasa Technical Reports Server. They recently shut it down in order to put "export...
  49. lahanadar

    Queueing server with exponential+deterministic stages

    Hi, does anyone know how to model probability density function, b(x), of a system that has two parallel servers: -The first is selected by the customer with probability p, it has an exponential rate of \mu. -The second server is selected by the customer with probability 1-p, it has a...
  50. B

    Find out how far away the server is from just Pinging it?

    I am just playing with the Ping command and would like some help understanding it. I used Ping on Google and 4 Packets of 32 Bytes of Data went out and came back. And the TTL for eatch Packet was like this TTL = 30 ms TTL = 31 ms TTL = 30 ms TTL = 29 ms Now I know that this is how...