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Question about coaxial digital to analog converters

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    Is there a coaxial digital to analog converter that only decodes the digital signal into multiple signals for the channels and then converts the digital signals into analog signals but does not serve as a digital tuner?

    Because most coaxial digital to analog converters do not decode the multiplexed signals but instead just use digital tuning circuitry to filter out unwanted channel signals and tune in to the selected channel before converting the selected channel signal into an analog signal and sending it to the analog television. But this type of system requires a separate remote for the converter and renders the television's channel selection function useless.

    A converter that decodes the digital signals and then allows all the signals to be converted and be sent through the output cable as analog signals will allow the analog tuner of an analog television to perform the channel selection and this makes the converter cheaper and simpler because the tuning circuitry, remote sensor and remote control are eliminated from the device. Such a device would also be useful in a residence with multiple analog televisions because only one device would be needed to provide cable signals because connecting a regular coaxial digital to analog converter with a built in tuner to a splitter that would provide cable signals to all the televisions would imply that all the televisions would be tuned in to the same channel every time the channel of the converter is changed and this would prevent the televisions from having the ability to independently tune in to other channels.

    Of course, it would be possible to buy a regular converter with a digital tuner for each television or just buy multiple digital televisions but this would be expensive and the latter suggestion would waste the analog televisions which are still in very good condition. That is why a simpler converter that only decodes and converts the signals to analog signals which can be connected to all of the televisions using a splitter is a more economical solution if it is available in the market.
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