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Other Looking for a book to replace Arfken

  1. Oct 12, 2015 #1
    Hi :)
    Okay so next month I have an exam in the course Mathematical Methods III and I desperately need a good textbook to study from.
    We covered variation calculus,fourier analysis and partial differential equations including sphrical harmonies (legendre polynomials) and various boundary problems.
    This course was very intense and the problem sets were extremely difficult. We were assigned Arfken's Mathmatical Methods for physicists book but I find it very hard to work with it.

    I'm looking for books about the subjects mentioned above that have CLEAR AND SIMPLE explanations that would fit an undergraduate student and a variety of problems and exercises in different difficulty levels.

    Thanks a lot!!!
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    Umm can you recommend texts that are more specific about each one of these subjects?

    About that -
    I already went through Boas's part about fourier analysis and it didn't really cover our course.. Same goes with spherical harmonies and boundary problems..

    Thanks again
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    Mathematics of Classical and Quantum Physics by Byron/Fuller, and Theoretical Physics by Joos are terrific I hear. They are Dover and can both be bought for $40, so I think its a worthy investment!
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    I like S. Hassani, Mathematical Physics, Springer.
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    Morse and Feshbach, if you like for a very rigorous treatment without exercises try Hilbert- Courant.

    Both books will make a good mathematical physicist out of you!
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