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Quantum Books with exercises dealing with harmonic oscillators

  1. Feb 28, 2017 #1

    I'm looking for books (or webpages, anything is welcome) with exercises dealing with methods applied to the harmonic oscillator, especially creation and annihilation operators, coherent states, squeezed states, minimum uncertainty states, Fock states, displacement operators... I have already done a course in quantum physics at an undergraduate level (postulates, 1-dimensional and 3-dimensional Schrödinger equation, finite and infinite wells, barriers, tunnel effect, spherical harmonics...), but I still haven't done anything dealing with compound systems, distinguishable and indistinguishable particles, variational method, perturbation theory and spinorial wave functions because that's what I'm going to learn next in the following quantum physics course. It would be extremely useful if the exercises are not easy, because that's the only thing I have been able to find. None of the bibliography the teacher has provided (Griffiths, Sakurai, Cohen-Tannoudji, Mandl...) deals with this (or at least I haven't found it), except for Ballentine, which offers offers a very limited section that doesn't go very much in depth.

    Thank for your attention. I know it's a tricky request, but I don't have any exercises to practise this, as the ones we do in class are too easy compared to the problems in the exams (and there's no way to be prepared for it if I'm not able to find any resources that might help me). Have a nice day!
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    George Jones

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    You might want to look at books on quantum optics.
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    Sorry for the late reply. Thank you, I'll do that!
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