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Job Skills Looking for a Mechanical Engineer to Interview for High School

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    Hi, I'm a high-school student and for a Careers assignement we need to interview someone who has a job in a career area we wish to pursue. So, I'm hoping to find a person who a mechnaical engineer who's willing to give answers with some depth and though. An automotive engineer would be even better since I really want to go into that area, but any mechanical engineer willing to help is most welcomed.

    Here's my questions. Sorry if it takes a while, but it would be preferable to have the answers by around the 20th:
    1) What do you think is the primary goal of your work?
    2) What do you think will be the greater impact of your work?
    3) Can you give an example of how your average day may be?
    4) How did you get this job?
    5) What training, skills, experience or education did you need to get this job?
    6) Did your parents and friends support your choice? How did you feel about that?
    7) Did you expect to have this job when you were a teenager? If not, what did you think you were going to be?
    8) What happened, made you think “this is it, this is going to be my job” ?
    9) What part of your work do you enjoy and give you a sense of satisfaction? Can you give examples?
    10) In retrospect, is there any part of your job you would like to be different?
    11) How is your workload? Do you find it too stressful or too easy?
    12) What about your work area? Is it safe, clean, up-to-date, etc?
    13) Do you pursue other hobbies or interests? How often and how much?
    14) What do you see as the future of your career?
    15) Do you think you are earning enough money for your work?

    And if I may, can I also have your name? Its only for the project and I won't share any info given unless you say so.

    Please and thank you.
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    Sorry, for privacy and anti-phishing reasons, we no longer allow interview-type threads on the PF.
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