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Looking for a potential flow book

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    Okay, I apologize if this is in the wrong location, but someone once told me of a book and I figured this was the "best" place to post an inquiry as it covers many fields.

    Supposedly there exists a book, an older one if I'm not mistaken, that relates the concepts of stress/strain, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and electrodynamics as forms of potential functions with different constants. Does anyone happen to know the name of this book? I would dearly love to find a copy, but know not the author, title, or if it even truly exists. Any assistance would be most appreciated. Thanks for taking your time to glance at this post!
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    Are you looking for a maths book, a physics book or an engineering book?

    Engineering Field Theory by A J Baden Fuller covers most of what you seek plus some other areas, but not the elastostatics.
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    Not sure what kind of a book it is. I was told it existed and I was very curious, as I love to see the interconnections.

    Thanks for the find. I'm bummed that the elastostatics isn't involved, but it is definitely a step in the direction. Thanks for sharing!
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    You might also look at

    Advanced Vector Analysis by C E Weatherburn

    This covers all your areas including elastostatics, but the book is entitled vector analysis so potential theory is 'woven in'. Further it is an older book ( but " Still Good" like the Norman Rockwell adverts) so somewhat dated in content.

    go well
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