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Looking for replacement for clock() function

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    This function seems to be working incorrectly when I run my programm under wine on linux system. (program compiled with mingw32 on win32) Is there any other function that can give me more accuracy than 1 second? (i know time() is working well but i need something that changes a little bit more frequent) Yes. I know I could compile it under linux but I need it to work under Wine right now.
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    ok never mind. i included this function and now it works fine both under win32 and linux:

    http://www.openasthra.com/c-tidbits/gettimeofday-function-for-windows/ [Broken]
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    You could always use the boost libraries to instantiate a boost::timer object.

    Code (Text):

    #include <boost/timer.hpp>


    // Create a boost::timer object
    boost::timer timerObject;

    // Something you want to time goes here
    // ...

    // Now calculate the elapsed time
    std::cout << "Elapsed time = " << timerObject.elapsed << " sec.\n";
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