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Looking to double major in EE(Power Engineering)

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    Im a Mechanical Engineering student right now who's in his third year of a five year intensive engineering program. I used to be in EE back when i started in engineering and before the year started i had interviewed with a big Electric Power Company. Well today i was informed by them that there interested in bringing me in for a coop position in substation and transmission line design which is extremely interesting. I love both Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. One of the reasons i chose Mech E before EE is the versatility that it brings along with it's big impact in Renewable energy which im interested in all the design topics related to it from Power Plant Engineering to the Energy Conversion(Thermodynamics process) side of things. One once suggested to do a masters degree in Renewable Energies but i don't think it's a "respected" degree just yet.

    Im pretty covered financial wise because of my honor grades, my school lets me do a double major if i comply with the requisites and i do. Here's the thing, the only area im interested in Electrical Engineering is Power Engineering,hence the reason im a Mechie once again.

    I've taken Circuit courses from EE major and i've done fairly good(B in Circuits I, A in both Circuits II and EM)

    So what do you guys suggest, do i double major in EE/Mech E or do i finish my MechE degree and get a MS Degree in Power Engineering persay?

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    This option. If you're not interested in any of the other bits of EE, don't bother getting bogged down with it. You can already get a co-op in what you want to do, so the company thinks you're qualified enough.

    Is there a compelling reason to slog through the courses you don't have any interest in? Option 3 is: see if you've already got the prereqs for the EE power courses and just take those and throw them on your resume as additional coursework.
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    I've also been suggested Mechatronics but they don't give that in my school.

    Anyways, it appears that if i take Circuits III(Power introduction course) i can take Electric Machinery, Electrical Wiring I and I which then open a variety of Power courses.

    im also going to be taking Energy Conversion, Energy Auditing Management and Power Plant Engineering under my MechE department.
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