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Looking to Interview an Engineer

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    Hi, I currently attend Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, and I'm looking to interview an engineer over the Internet. I have all of my questions prepared, and if you'd like to answer them, that'd be great! Just let me know here and I'll PM you my questions, and then you can PM them back with your answers. Thanks a lot guys! By the way, engineering is awesome so far! I just got done my midterms and think I did great! Engineers are awesome! Haha, thanks a lot again guys!
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    PM me the questions, and I'll try to answer them. About how long will it take me to answer them?
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    Thanks a lot! It shouldn't take too long at all! I've gotta get going to class right now though so I'll have to send them to you at around 6:00 PM-ish. But I'll need a decent amount of juice because I'm supposed to write a report on your answers. But it shouldn't take too long at all, maybe 10 min at the most?
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    If you just post the questions, you may get more responses...
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    What kind of engineer are you planning to interview. Engineers are like doctors, they have specialties, civil, mechanical, software, aeronautics, electrical, etc. They hardly know what others do, except when they were in first year university.
    If you go to Queens, I suppose you do civil engineering?
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    Hello, I am also in Engineering at Queens University, and I am also looking to interview an engineer over the web.

    To answer your question mathmate, first year engineering at Queens is a general engineering course, you pick your discipline in second year. Queens does not only have civil engineering courses, but most of the major disciplines as well as engineering sciences.

    Here are some questions that I assume Jalhalla was planning on providing:

    Degree and Name

    Why did you go into engineering?

    How do you balance the social and the technical aspects of engineering in your work?

    How has engineering changed over the past years and how do you see it changing in the future?

    I would also like to thank anyone who can help with these questions
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