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Bug Loose cursor during editing session

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    May I ask if there is a problem with the editing session? Sometimes, intermittently, I loose the cursor when I'm editing. I can still edit but I don't see the location of the cursor. Is this on my end or is it a forum problem?

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    I've never experienced it. Anyone else?
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    I've experienced a similar thing with my laptop when my touchpad is on. But it's not just PF, it's every program. It's very annoying, but luckily it's easy to turn off the touchpad.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I've had the same problem in the quick edit/reply window. Also, in same window I can't scroll up beyond the current window frame even if the text extends beyond the frame.
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    I have the some problem quite often. I use Mozilla Firefox browser.

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    know what, I think we're hosed. Really hate loosing control over my operating system. Don't know exactly what's running on my machine these days and have you ever tried to figure out what! Yeah, that's a lesson in frustration. I mean how do I know this cursor thing is not some hacker software on my machine? I can tell you how: Another lesson in fustration.

    I use to be good with computers. Now though I'm just a regular-Joe held hostage by an overly-complicated computer system just like all the other common-folk out there. I'm hosed alright.
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