Low torque homemade lathe-type machine

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I am trying to find a motor that you could attach a chuck to and have somewhere around 2.5kgcm torque, with a speed variable between 60rpm and 180rpm, controllable with a foot pedal (smilar to a sewing machine pedal). Ideally there would be a clutch in there as well. Is there anything out there that might fit the bill?

What you ultimately end up obtaining will depend greatly on the specs that you set, other than the general drive motor and controller idea. I believe that you can find many lathes on the Internet that will provide the essential specs that you desire. What length of stock are planning for? What swing are you wanting to deal with? How will you maintain the stock feed? Once you have all of your requirements defined, and can purchase the motor (AC single/three phase, DC, etc.). You will then need to configure an appropriate support (height and swing) for the motor and stock feed apparatus, align them, and attach the chuck to the motor. You can always add one of several controller types that you might want. I am assuming that you know what you are doing and that you are on some sort of limited budget. Otherwise, I would recommend purchasing a unit that meets or exceeds your specifications (based upon your requirements).

Above all, research your available components and building supplies before you purchase them.

I hope this helps,

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