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LQG has not been shown to violate the holographic principle

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    Backreaction has the story: http://backreaction.blogspot.com/2015/09/no-loop-quantum-gravity-has-not-been.html debunking this article:
    Violation of the Holographic Principle in the Loop Quantum Gravity
    Ozan Sargın, Mir Faizal http://arxiv.org/abs/1509.00843

    and also showing the authors behaving badly. From the blog post:

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    If you are interested in this general area, e.g. relating LQG to AdS/CFT, check out the 3rd quarter MIP poll.

    Among other things it lists this interesting note by Norbert Bodendorfer, who did his PhD with Thiemann.

    A note on quantum supergravity and AdS/CFT
    Norbert Bodendorfer
    (Submitted on 7 Sep 2015)
    We note that the non-perturbative quantisation of supergravity as recently investigated using loop quantum gravity techniques provides an opportunity to probe an interesting sector of the AdS/CFT correspondence, which is usually not considered in conventional treatments. In particular, assuming a certain amount of convergence between the quantum supergravity sector of string theory and quantum supergravity constructed via loop quantum gravity techniques, we argue ...
    ...with the aim of serving as a starting point for a more in depth interaction between the string theory and loop quantum gravity communities.
    8 pages
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