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Lunar Rover Equipped with HD Video Camera

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    I want to know why someone hasn't built a 'rover' of some sort that could easily navigate the lunar surface while recording HD video. I don't think funding would be an issue since you could easily strike a deal with a large company pertaining to product placement i.e. a coca-cola bottle in the lunar dust, snap a picture with the earth in the background and then BAM the money would roll in (forget the fact that it's essentially polluting the surface).

    You could also sell time on the rover- people would line up for miles to drive around on the surface within a designated area. you could hold the event at night (on earth), while simultaneously looking up at the moon... for a small fee of course.

    I for one find the exploration of the moon interesting and it bothers me that no one has HD video of the lunar surface.

    Is it an engineering challenge or what?
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