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    I Would a rover on an asteroid float away because of the low gravity?

    I’m wondering if a lander/rover landed on an asteroid with a very low gravity, and we wanted to make said rover move around the asteroid, would it “float” away because of the low gravity? Wouldn’t the normal force and the gravitational force equal 0? If we added a propulsion system, how would we...
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    Optimum Wheel Radius for a Terrestrial Robot

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here so please excuse me if I dont have the format right yet. Background: I'm a Mechanical Engineering student working on a robotics team and I'm tasked with designing the wheels. The robot is currently using 5 in radius wheels with old motors. The givens...
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    What's the scale on Mars rover "Microscopic Imager" images ?

    What's the scale on Mars rover Opportunity's "Microscopic Imager" images ? I'm trying to work out if the Martian "fossil" shown could be the impression of a cross-head-screw ...