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M 7.9 offshore SE New Ireland PNG

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    hi everyone,
    a new major quake still coming in as I type this
    a Preliminary magnitude of Mw 7.9 offshore of SE New Ireland, New Guinea, PNG
    High Gain ...... http://www.sydneystormcity.com/seismograms.htm
    Low Gain ..... http://www.sydneystormcity.com/zlo1.gif


    The cluster of yellow dots in the lower right is of the M 7.8 a week ago in the Solomons region
    there's around 1200km between these 2 major events

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    Well ... it generated a tsunami alert in the local news, but no cancellation notice for same when it/the tsunami failed to materialize ... winter storm "Decima" seems to be hogging the headlines far as natural disasters go. That's another "news" item for investigation ... failure to "multi-task" far as attention spans go ... there really is a "single focus" that is "hard-wired" into our attention mechanisms.
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