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M-Theory: is a String A digital Data Register ?

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    Dear Friends:

    I am a PhD. in Chemistry, born and studied in Germany, whereas I am working in Brazil in industry. My High Mathematics knowledge might be inferior to most of you. Therefore I beg your pardon, if I explain my ideas somehow naively.

    The question is, if STRINGS may vibrate at every frequency, you imagine, like in Classical Mechanics or only in a few discrete ones, according do Quantum Mechanics ?

    If STRINGS, indeed, behave like quantum particles, a single STRING is like a Data Register within a computer !

    Let's simplify, even if it where not the truth but useful for better understanding that STRINGS might vibrate only with one single frequency in any of the 11 dimensions: a STRING simply may vibrate or not.

    If we give to a STRING vibration the value "1" and to resting "0", in this imaginary simplified STRING-world, a single STRING would be a 11-bit-binary-register of a Superuniverse-computer, with 2exp.11 possibilities.

    For example:
    A STRING that only vibrates in the 3rd dimension would have the value: 0010.0000.000, other that vibrates in the 2nd and 6th dimension would have the value: 0100.0100.000
    and another that vibrates in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th dimension: 0010.0100.001, thus creating really binary numbers !

    Clearly more than one single frequency is allowed, so in reality these numbers are not binary but ternary, quaternary or what else. But you perfectly can imagine a computer that instead of binary logic uses a more complex one.

    The consequences would be that our known universe is created by Superuniverse, as a Super-Computer, like by an ordinary computer a Video Game or other type of Virtual Reality.

    Please, anyone who knows more about mathematics than me, take it seriously and transform my ideas in solid, well-made mathematics, and aferwards tell me, what he thinks about it !

    yours truely:

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    In general, many string theories have limited vibrational modes and these are usually dictated by the shape of the additional dimensions. So different Calabi-Yau shapes typically cause different vibrational patterns which give rise to different 'particles' such as gravitons, electrons,and photons for example.

    I don't know if there are an infinite number of Calabi-Yau shapes but there are sure a lot. So far there are many more 'particle' manifestations than have been observed in nature and no good means exists for making selections which match our limited number of observations.

    I do not know the math myself, but from what I have read nobody has exact solutions to string theory equations because they are so complex...hence perterbative approximations are in use. And that led to years of confusion about different theories now brought under the M theory umbrella.
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