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B Magic number 3 in particle physics

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    Hi, I found number 3 repeating in particle properties, like:
    a) 3 generations of matter: electron, muon, tau...
    b) 3 known charge abs values. (electron/pozitron +/-1, quarks: +/-2/3 and +/-1/3)
    c) Weindberg angle (~30deg) its 1/3 of right angle.
    Is there any other 3 hiding in particle properties?
    Are any of them relate together?
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    This can be done with every number and is caused by human pattern recognition rather than a deeper truth. Of course, the fact that we live in three spatial coordinates and, e.g. quadratic number schemes are easy whereas cubic are likely not, apparently give ##3## some "meaning". However, the same could be said about ##\pi## or ##e## or some other number. Here's an attempt we already have had:


    which shows, where those questions usually result in.

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