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Magnetic field measurement with high accuracy

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    I would like to use a Hall Sensor (e.g. FW Bell BH 204) or a Hall Element IC, like the AD22151 device for magnetic field measurement with a range from 0 to ca. 0,5 mT with a resolution of 250 nT. (500 ppm) The temperature fluctuations are max 1 C.
    Do you think I can use one these sensors for my work?
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    I realized I made a mistake and the field range is 0- 50 mT and the resolution is 25 uT (=500ppm). Do you think the AD22151 can do this for me? There are some specifications that I don't understand, like the gain and offset errors over temperature range. They are ±1% and ±60 mT, which seems to high for me...
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