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Magnetic field strength

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    this is just a question i cant seem to find an answer for, but i was wondering how strong a 5 tesla magnetic field is?
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    Pretty freaking strong.

    http://coolmagnetman.com/magflux.htm" [Broken]
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    For comparison, these are some approximate mag field strengths, in tesla:
    At Earth's surface: 10^-4
    Near a small bar magnet: 10^-2
    Bainbridge mass spectrometer: 0.4
    Near a big electrommagnet: 1.5
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    mag field effect

    what would happen if i placed a piece of iron in a 5 tesla field?
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    Duh? It would be attracted to the B field? :tongue2: :rofl:

    But I guess you knew that. :biggrin:

    Correct answer....
    A net magnetization would be induced in the iron in the direction of the field.

    BTW, What are you using to produce the 5 Tesla?

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