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Magnetic Fields on Sudarsky Class II Gas Giants

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    Hello again PF,
    I've been doing some light reading on different magnetic fields of different gas giants, and what was really fascinating is how different Uranus and Neptune's fields were from Jupiter's and Saturn's, due to their different mass and composition?

    What I read was that both of the Ice giants have magnetic fields heavily tilted from the norm, and Uranus is even off-center by 1/3 the planet's radius, apparently due to most of the magnetic field being generated from their relatively shallow Ammonia-water oceans rather than the deeper metallic hydrogen.

    But, a Sudarsky Class II Gas Giant would orbit at a distance from the star similar to Earth, so that in the formation of the star system, this hypothetical gas giant would have a much greater abundance of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, metals, and silicates, resulting in large oceans and a very large iron core.

    Is there any models or predictions on what this planet's magnetic field would be like? It would have extremely large oceans, and a large iron core.
    Can someone give me a reasonable guess as to if it's field would be significantly stronger than Jupiter's because of the Iron and large oceans?

    My interest is sparked because of science fiction I'm writing about a moon of a gas giant. Auroras play a large role in the culture of life on one of the moons; and so I've been thinking of how, and if the gas giant's magnetic field would influence the location, behavior, and intensity of the moon's auroras, not to mention if or not the giant would generate a deadly Van Allen belt much like Jupiter's.
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    Jupiter has a lot of metallic hydrogen and an incredible spin rate - hard to compete as a magnetic field generator.
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