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Magnetic flux quanta in ground state hydrogen

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    How many magnetic flux quanta exist within the ground state hydrogen atom?

    Thanks in advance.
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    The ground state of hydrogen does not produce any quantum current and therefore it does not give rise to any magnetic field (at all). Its similar to the case when you have a classical wire with current I=0, you also get B=0 (and then flux is zero as well).

    However, if you add a magnetic field to a quantum system it would produce a current to counter-act toward the original B-field. The most simple case is the Landau-levels, where there is only a magnetic field involved without coulomb attraction to a nucleus. The ground state, does then create a localized current loop, whose magnetic dipole moment is of the same order as the one of the electronic spin (Bohr magnetron). Its not given in terms of the magnetic flux quanta, but in terms of this magnetic dipole moment.
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