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Magnetic force on a charged particle

  1. Jul 27, 2011 #1
    I am considering a positive charged particle moving with the velocity v into the magnetic field field B making an angle theta with the magnetic field, so the magnetic force exerted on the charged particle is perpendicular to the plane of B and v. My question is-Why the speed of the charged particle doesnot change? Can you illustrate? And does it means that the velocity of the charged particle also doesnot change?
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    The vector of speed changes. Rotates. Its absolute value - remains constant. You answered yourself: because the force is perpendicular to the motion.

    Actually, the particle will slow down, as it emits some of its original kinetic energy as a radiation.
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    can u tell me Mathematically why the speed doesnot change because of the fact that force is perpendicular to the motion?
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    Philip Wood

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    Because the magnetic force is always at right angles to the velocity, no work is ever done by the force acting on the particle. [If you don't follow, look up the definition of work.] Because no work is done on it, the particle can't gain (or lose) kinetic energy from the force, so its speed doesn't change.
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    When force is perpendicular to trajectory, there is no work done. So kinetic energy cannot change. So speed doesn't change.
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