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Magnetic Transistors - Better Against Radiation?

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    South Korean researchers have developed a magnetic transistor switch which may save power:


    I'm wondering if this could benefit space applications, but on more than just power-saving.

    Magnetic states aren't as easily harmed by cosmic rays, thanks to spin majorities. That's why MRAM (magnetic RAM) is good for space applications.

    I was then thinking that processors based on magnetic transistor switches could create a more robust system that's much more capable of standing upto the harsh radiation environment of outer space without suffering crashes and glitches that can jeopardize a space mission.

    Could magnetic transistors in fact be superior in higher radiation environments like space and perhaps nuclear reactors, and even near medical radiation equipment?
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    Interesting concept.
    Could be useful for particle detectors as well - they receive significant radiation doses (much more than electronics in space).
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