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Magnetism & Electricity (2 magnets - Field)

  1. Jul 27, 2012 #1
    I am trying to calculate the output voltage for 1 coil in an axial generator/altenator

    I have 2 magnets with Br Max 13200 Gauss on opposing sides of the rotor (N-S facing), The coil is between them on stator. Using faradays equations what is the effective Br (Gauss/Tesla) that should be used.

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    Simon Bridge

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    ... should be used to achieve what aim?

    Oh you mean, what approximate value should you use for B in Faraday's Law?
    That will depend on the exact geometry of your setup - which determines the field characteristics - and the tolerances you want to work with (which determines how much hand-waving you get to use.)

    You could, I guess, use a pole model for the magnets to predict the actual field through the loop at each angle?
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