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Magnets -- Experiments with sheets and particles

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    I have magnetic sheets A4 sized that could be bent but not enrolled, having a thin thickness.

    I want to cut them in a circular shapes.

    The idea, is there any possibility to make one of them (or other material same physics) positively charged and second negatively charged; then have small magnetic particles group of them is positively charged while others are negatively charged such that the + circular paper attracts only - poles and vice-versa?

    In other words, can we make dipoles, first considered as N other considered as S from the magnetic papers, while we have small magnets equally composed of same material but different charges?

    Thanks in advance
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    I need to clarify what you mean by "positively charged" and "negatively charged" magnetic plates. Do you mean you are hooking them up like a parallel plate capacitor and applying a voltage difference to them? Or are you using the word "charged" to try to describe the magnetic north and south poles? I'm having trouble parsing and understanding what you are asking about.

    Also, could you maybe Upload a sketch of the geometry you are asking about? Thanks.
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    Hello berkeman

    I'm sorry for not being clear. I think your second explanation aims at my point: to describe magnet North and South.

    It's a school educators project: you should design two differently charged magnetic boards, then attach a small magnet under alphabetical letters.

    The teacher for example if wanting to examine kid learning about vowels, he asks him to set letters under different categories of vowels and other types of letters.

    Once done, the teacher tells the student if he made any mistakes by showing him that the wrong letters didn't get attached to the board he referred to.

    I want to charge the letters to only get attached to magnetic board "1" and other letters to be only able to attach to magnetic board "2" for example.

    How is this idea be implemented?

    As it is familiar, two identical charges repulses, two different charges attracts. In our case the vowels should have + charge and their corresponding board should be - charged.

    Awaiting your comments
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    It would help if you could sketch the configuration of the two boards, to clarify how they will be set up and work.

    And it would be a little better not to use the word "Charges" in the context of magnets. Instead, use the word "Poles" A magnet has a positive pole and a negative pole. That's why we call them a magnetic dipole. :smile:

    Do it kind of sounds like you would like to design these boards so that some characters will stick to one board and not the other? Is that the main design goal?
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