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Magnitude and Momentum a.k.a. M&M

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    A rubber ball with a mass of 200 g is released from rest from a height of 2.0 m. It falls to the floor, bounces, and rebounds. The graph at right depicts the magnitude of the upward normal force that the floor exerts on the ball at various instants in time. The graph only shows the narrow window of time surrounding the interval when the ball was in contact with the floor.

    a.) How long does it take the ball to fall the 2.0 m to the floor?

    b.) How fast is the ball traveling just before it hits the floor?

    c.) What is its momentum just before hitting the floor (using a coordinate system in which the positive-y axis points in the upward direction)?

    d.) What is the impulse on the ball by the floor during the 10 ms the ball is in contact with the floor?

    e.) What is the impulse on the ball by the earth’s gravitational pull during the same 10 ms?

    f.) By how much does the ball’s momentum change as a result of this 10-ms period?

    g.) How high does the ball rebound?
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    rougekhost, as per the forum rules, you need to show your work first. And how are we to make sense of the problem without the graph?
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