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Homework Help: Magnitude of flux through wedding ring

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    the problem is stated as
    The Earth’s magnetic field at a certain location in the UK has a magnitude of 48 μT and is directed at 66° below the horizontal.

    a)Determine the magnitude of the flux of the Earth’s magnetic field through a
    wedding ring of diameter 2.2 cm when the ring is held in a horizontal plane.

    ok so i have used the equation B*A*cos(theta)

    the only thing slowing me down is the use of 48 μT . Im not sure how to work this into the equation. I am led to believe that μ is the permuabilty of space so not sure what is meant by μT for the magnetic field of the Earth. I have probably overlooked it in my text and cant find the relevant part now.
    Also i am guessing that 66° below the horizontal is equal to 66° from the perpendicular.
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    μT means micro-Tesla. 1 μT is one millionth of a Tesla.
    No. Try drawing it out; this is not true.
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    ahhh yes that makes sense now thanks :)

    with regards to the 66 below the horizontal....if the horizontal is 0 degrees, and perpendicular is 90 degrees is it simply just 29degrees from the perpendicular?
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