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Major in Engineering or CS & Physics double? Please help me choose.

  1. Feb 20, 2014 #1
    Original post from Reddit

    "I’m a guy with a depression from New Zealand and wanted to do engineering at the best university in the country.

    Learning and doing science, building hardware and software is my thing. So I wanted to do Mechatronics or Engineering Science there. Unfortunately I missed out by a few points.
    At the same university,
    as another option I have plan on doing Comp Sci and Physics double major. (I can possibly get into engineering if I am in the top 30 students from BSc or BTech. So its extremely competitive.)
    I have spoken with a couple of people and they all told me that pure science may be a dead end and I have to do what my heart wants. But the truth is I don't know what I want. (Depression numbed me out so bad...)

    I got into other two universities: one has no Mechatronics and both has no Engineering Science. I have a strong sense of feeling of ‘all or nothing’ because, simply put: whatever I do, I don’t know if I will be happy because I missed out what I truly wanted.
    Going with ‘all or nothing’ and giving that top 30 a go might be the best thing for me since cross crediting (or transferring) from other uni is very difficult. And also I believe it gives me a sense of hope. What to live for.
    Based on some searches, the second choice university which offers Mechatronics people do not get a very good job compared to the uni I wanted to go. Such thing happens I will be depressed again.
    I’m willing to give it a go at that top 30 transfer group no matter how hard that is since I always had general interest towards physics and maths. I will possibly drop CS on the way to lower the pressure.

    TL;DR: I’m a guy with a depression who has a strong sense of ‘all or nothing’ from New Zealand didn’t get into engineering at uni I wanted. Not sure if I should do engineering at second choice uni or do BSc and try to be in top 30 transfer to engi group which is super competitive.

    I am fully convinced that my depression will go away within 3 weeks of uni study. Please help me make the right decision. I have 3 days left."

    I will be very happy doing scientific and research related stuff where it involves robotics.

    I have heard number of times that Physics and Computer Science, there is no link. Also Physics major is dead end... (I believe they are wrong)

    As of now, I will be going for top 30 engineering transfer group no matter how hard it is going to be. It gives me a sense of hope. What to live for. If fails, I will be doing Physics and CS double major no matter how dead end it is. Or move to other university for engineering. (Unlikely I would say)
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    With Physics and Comp Sci, you will have the components to get back into Mechatronics perhaps in grad school. Also with the combo you'll be able to do computer simulations of physical systems. Physics is far from dead but perhaps in NZ its not as popular as a job profession.

    Check out the Open Source Physics at www.compadre.org/osp for java based computer simulation software.

    Alternatively you could play with MATLAB which is a key tool for engineering students today.

    Anyway, I think doing Physics and Comp Sci is richer than doing Engineering Science alone.
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