Majoring in Math(pure) w/ a minor in physics

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Currently I am pursuing the aforementioned degree with the intent on getting my masters in math. I've pretty much had my eye on teaching after college, but I really haven't weighed my options partly because I don't know what my options are. I do want to teach but I don't want to teach grade school. So in the case that I can't get a job as a college professor (junior or senior college) I was wondering what other things can I do with a Masters in Math with a minor in physics?

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I think you should be shooting for a PhD in math is you really want to teach college level. Some community colleges may hire you temporarily as a part time teacher with only a masters, but for the most part those jobs are very competitive and many people with PhDs do apply to them.
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The community college that I attended only has one true Math PhD
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Well, the community college *I* attend has 3 of them, though, we have quite a few full time faculty. Though, the department chair only has her masters (but quite a bit of experience and publications with regards to teaching/education).

However, they now only hire math PhD's for full time professors. Adjuncts/part times profs have their M.S in math. Simply put, if your aim is to teach at the post-HS level (whether it be at a private/public/jr college/whathave you), obtaining the PhD will provide you with more options towards that goal. It will make you more competitive, which when the pickings are slim--is always a good thing.

With a M.S you can do many things, but honestly, it's your connections and other skills that will be a major factor in what you will go on to do. You can gain these skills through internships or side projects while still in school.

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